Lytron Unveils New Cold Plate Technology

June 28, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Lytron Inc. (Woburn, MA) introduced a new high-performance, vacuum-brazed, cold-plate capability based on its aluminum extended-surface technology. The cold plate consists of Lytron's extended-surface cold-plate material, a micro-channel aluminum extrusion, sandwiched between lightweight aluminum sheets.

The extended-surface cooling channel ensures low liquid pressure drop and the all-aluminum construction makes it lightweight. It is joined together using vacuum-brazing techniques, ensuring that it is reliable, leak-proof and not susceptible to corrosion. The performance of the cold plate is close to that of a conventional vacuum-brazed cold plate, and for certain configurations it is less expensive.

The new technology offers flexible customization options. The cold plate can be matched to customer's thermal requirements by positioning of the cooling channels, which means that it can provide distributed cooling over the whole surface of the plate, or it can be configured for localized cooling. It can be supplied with flat surfaces, or it can be custom machined to match exactly with the electronics board or other object being cooled. Mounting studs and taps and through-holes can also be incorporated into the design.