Lithium Power Technologies' Research Sponsored by BMDO

July 23, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Lithium Power Technologies Inc. (Manvel, TX) announced that the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization's (BMDO) small business innovation research program has sponsored a Phase I contract to design and develop new power-source technologies for satellites. Lithium Power Technologies intends to develop flexible, energy-dense, powerful and lightweight modular components for anti-missile defense applications, next-generation military applications, space platforms and deep-space exploration. The technology is aimed at filling the deficiencies that presently limit the widespread use of photovoltaic-battery power systems. This award carries with it as much as $64,614 in research funds.

The contract award will combine Lithium Power Technology's battery and capacitor technologies with existing photovoltaic technology to produce power-source components that may be adaptable to form the actual structural panels of spacecrafts.

Dr. John Poothullil, chairman of Lithium Power, commented, "Not only will this research support our government's defense and space needs, but it will also spur the commercial development of this technology for use in automobiles, office buildings and commercial satellites. The physical properties of the components could make it ideal for applications requiring power for civilian and military uses in remote areas of the world where sunlight is readily available."