Konarka to Develop Renewable Power for US Army

August 04, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Konarka Technologies Inc. (KTI, Lowell, MA), a developer of flexible, polymer and nano-particle-based photovoltaic (PV) technology, announced that the US Army has funded Konarka to develop the company’s PV technology to provide the Army with a source of lightweight, flexible, scalable and renewable power in a variety of form factors for military applications.

"One of the top concerns in the military is the need to develop ultra-lightweight renewable power for the equipment and electronics that soldiers use, such as displays, computer systems and communications devices," said Philip Brandler, director, US Army Natick Soldier Center. "The weight of the batteries that soldiers must now carry is an ever-increasing problem, as the electronics behind future warrior systems become more sophisticated, complex and reliant on portable battery power. As a result, Konarka is an ideal partner to help develop technology that will address this issue, which will mitigate a significant logistics burden and therefore greatly enhance the military’s capabilities in the field."

"We take great pride in our partnership with the Natick Soldier Center, as Konarka continues to develop lightweight, flexible, scalable and durable photovoltaic technology for the military," said Bill Beckenbaugh, president and chief executive officer, Konarka Technologies. "We envision future uses of the technology will include self-powered electronics, structures and soldier’s uniforms that will generate power."