Kemet Spice Now Available in Web-Based Form

April 01, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Kemet Electronics Corp. has released the browser-based version of its Kemet Spice application. Spice is designed to show the behavior of a component with respect to frequency, ambient temperature and dc bias levels. This Spice simulation software enables users to valuate typical Kemet capacitor performance versus frequency (Impedance and ESR, Capacitance and ESL, Ripple Currents and Ripple Voltage, S-Parameters s11 or s21) and time (dv/dt and Cap/dt).

"Kemet has combined many key features of the Spice desktop software with the speed and portability of a browser-based application," stated John Prymak, Kemet Director, Advanced Applications and author of Kemet Spice. "This web-based version is compatible with Windows, Mac and iPad platforms, and because it runs on a server, file downloads to the operating computer are not necessary," continued Prymak.

Features and benefits of Kemet Spice for the Web include: Runs on the server with no downloads to the operating computer. The screens show selected plots and the applications allows for printing or saving the data. Change the ambient temperature, bias voltage and frequency range of the plots. Plot 10 different part types, 10 different temperatures and 10 different bias voltages. Plot temperature rise versus ripple current for 10 discrete frequencies for one part type. Generate NetList types of EDA model files for each plot. And pick-and-select part numbers from a list or enter the Kemet part number directly.