IXYS Awarded Two Power Management IC Patents

August 30, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) reported that two important patents for its power management integrated circuit (IC) program were issued. US Patent #6,917,227, issued July 12, 2005, covers power MOS driver IC technology that enables higher-efficiency, single and half-bridge gate driver configurations without the cross conduction losses found in other drivers in the market. US Patent #6,922,320 issued July 26, 2005, covers the company's hot-swap protection IC, which incorporates a sensor-less ground fault detection method to sense load disconnect.

US Patent #6,917,227 relates to the elimination of cross conduction in the output required for gate drive IC products, and is a key element for reduction of power losses and noise generated by MOSFET and IGBT drivers. IXYS has developed a broad range of low-side and half-bridge drivers targeted at a wide range of applications, including plasma display, motion control, and power supplies.

US Patent #6,922,320 relates to a method of eliminating the need for separate ground-fault detection pins, as well as implementation of active noise filtering and short-circuit/over-current detection. The IXYS method enables true "two-wire" cable connection systems, such as those in coaxial cables, limited to two connections of the inner conductor and outer shield. The hot-swap approach would be beneficial for various markets, including remotely powered CATV, telecommunications, cell-phone antenna amplifiers, and active speakers.