IR Intros myPOWER On-Line Design Tool

October 08, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) announced the myPOWER on-line design center, an Internet-based design and simulation tool combined with overnight design kit fulfillment to decrease design time for advanced power systems. The myPOWER on-line design center incorporates a free simulation tool that delivers high accuracy (±5 percent) at high speed (less than 5 seconds).

The myPOWER design center is now operational for dc/dc converters operating in the range of 20A to 80A currents, 200kHz to 1000kHz frequencies and 1.1V to 1.85V output voltages. The simulator is capable of generating waveforms for step loads, changing input voltages, steady-state transient analysis and a complete ac analysis.

Use of the myPOWER on-line design center is free. A custom design kit includes a standard, fully-assembled and tested PCB sub-assembly with a parts kit for selected designs. Pricing for the custom design kit starts at $335 each. Customized design kits are delivered within 24 hours in the Continental US and three days overseas.