Invensys Launches Sensor Systems

September 14, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Robert Sawyer, President of Invensys Sensors and Aerospace (North Plain City, OH), a division of Invensys Controls, announces the creation of Invensys Sensor Systems, a global leader in sensor and controls technologies. This new company represents the integration of eight previously autonomous units from BTR and Siebe: Elmwood Sensors, Fenwal Electronics, Fasco Controls Corporation, SenSym, Foxboro/ICT, Deutsche Ranco, and Clarostat.Invensys Sensor Systems develops, designs, manufactures and sells innovative technologies in the areas of Thermal, Speed, Position, Pressure, Sensors and Controls. Invensys Sensor Systems has manufacturing locations in the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean area, Europe and the Far East. The company is a major supplier to diversified industries, including industrial aerospace, vehicle, appliance, HVAC and medical.Invensys claims that the primary advantages for their customers are global coverage, breadth of technology and the ability to integrate sensing and control functions. The company has also invested in a series of technologies, such as SPIRAL non-contacting position sensing and media isolated pressure transducers.C.E. (Gene) Brewer, in the position of Vice President/General Manager, will lead this new company. The following individuals are joining the Invensys Sensor Systems' management team: Dana Waterman, Thermal Systems business, Pawtucket, RI; Steve Anderson, Speed & Position business, Sarasota, FL; Chris Cartsonas, Pressure Sensor business, Milpitas, CA; and Mike Sloan, Vehicle Controls business, Shelby, NC.