Innotech Solar Announces Partnership With Bosch Solar; Plans for Factory in Germany

February 25, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Norwegian company Innotech Solar (ITS) has signed a multi-year framework agreement with Bosch Solar to sell the majority of its non-prime crystalline solar cells to ITS. With its proprietary processes, ITS states that it will increase the efficiency of the solar cells and use them in solar modules, power plants and special applications.

ITS states that it buys raw material from a wide range of large, international solar cell manufactures; cells that are not utilized due to low efficiency. ITS specializes in extracting all the clean energy from these cells. ITS has developed the technology and production process, and are using this to upgrade the ITS solar cells and use them in their certified products.

ITS’ product is competitive solar modules, the main component in solar power plants. ITS is also engaged in constructing and operating complete solar power plant.

"We are proud to announce this partnership with Bosch Solar, as it is one of the most recognized brands and absolute high quality providers in the PV industry. This cooperation will provide both companies with strategic advantages and focus necessary to sustain in the markets of tomorrow and to provide clean energy at best cost and quality to the worldwide markets," said Thor-Christian Tuv, CEO at Innotech Solar.

"As a company focused on highest quality, performance and reliability, we are very happy to announce this partnership. ITS complements the growing solar industry with a long missing competence: to make high quality solar modules from non-prime solar cells in the most professional and beneficial way." said Stefan Thiel, Director Sales Key Accounts at Bosch Solar.

ITS also announced that it plans to construct a factory in the Eastern German city of Halle to increase the power of solar cells.

"Germany provides us with the ideal conditions to strengthen our business activities. A thriving photovoltaic industry cluster and outstanding infrastructure here are essential for us. We are sure the Halle site gives us a unique competitive advantage that will allow us to continue our company’s extraordinary growth", said Tuv.