Inductively-Powered High-Voltage Powerline Sensors attract Investment

October 27, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Laki Power has closed its first institutional investment round, led by Brunnur Ventures. The new capital will support further development of the Company’s high-voltage powerline sensor product portfolio, powered by its unique patent-pending line energy harvesting platform.

Pictured above is one of Laki Power’s inductively powered sensors that can be installed directly on the phase wire. Laki’s LKX-range of sensors provides fully-autonomous, next-generation monitoring capabilities for high-voltage transmission and distribution infrastructure.

“We’re pleased to announce the closing of this funding and are delighted to be working with the experienced team at Brunnur Ventures,” said Sigurjon Magnusson, CEO at Laki Power. “This round enables us to accelerate the build out of our power harvesting capabilities into an expanded range of high-value products and services that address the rapidly growing needs of power grid operators for real-time knowledge of system health and functionality.”

Electricity grids worldwide are changing, driven by the increased demands of distributed generation of wind and solar, and pressure from both customers and regulators for increased resilience, transparency and accountability.

“Addressing the need for real-time, actionable intelligence for the monitoring and management of power grid infrastructure is clearly a huge opportunity and we are seeing that utilities are deploying sensing and monitoring systems more broadly, and faster than ever before,” commented Arni Blöndal, General Partner at Brunnur Ventures

Unique capabilities

Laki Power’s unique products are powered by the only on-market energy harvester that supports multiple sensors and communications devices with full autonomy from external power sources, eliminating the need for solar, wind or diesel generators.

The Company’s PowerGRAB™ technology harvests energy from the electromagnetic field surrounding the ac carrying phase wires of high voltage power lines to provide dc power for running external and internal surveillance and monitoring devices, and many other applications that need clean and stable dc power.