IdaTech Sites Propane Fuel Cell System

August 26, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

IdaTech Corp. (Bend, OR) announced the installation of a 3.6kW, propane-fueled, fuel cell system in the Cascade mountain range near Bend to operate in an off-grid telecom application for field test and evaluation. The project was awarded to IdaTech as an additional funding grant provided by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) to accelerate the development of LPG fuel cell systems.

The fuel cell system will undergo various operational scenarios common to an off-grid telecom site during the test and evaluation phase of the project. The system's placement in the Cascade mountain range at 6,200ft above sea level will also provide diverse environmental testing.

"The development of this system in cooperation with our partners demonstrates our ongoing commitment to introducing multi-fuel, fuel cell solutions," said IdaTech President and Chief Executive Officer Claude Duss. "The experience gained from test and evaluation programs like this provide invaluable data to assure that our solutions will meet the needs of our customers."