Hyundai Motor's New Santa Fe Fuel Cell Vehicle is Unveiled

November 05, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

The California Fuel Cell Partnership's (Sacramento, CA) grand opening began with the unveiling of the Hyundai Motor Co.'s (Korea) new Santa Fe fuel cell electric vehicle. This vehicle, developed in collaboration with Enova Systems (Torrance, CA), International Fuel Cell (South Windsor, CT) and IMPCO Technologies (Cerritos, CA), is hoped to be an alternative to traditional vehicles.

The new fuel cell electric vehicle is the product of several companies' work. Enova Systems developed the drive train, protection, power and data management systems for the vehicle in conjunction with Hyundai. Enova Systems' hardware and software also manages the power supplied by the fuel cell and converts it into propulsion power for the vehicle. International Fuel Cell supplied the fuel cell and IMPCO supplied the hydrogen fuel-system technologies.

"This is a significant achievement," said Carl Dean Perry, president and CEO of Enova Systems. "The fuel cell electric vehicle will have lower emissions and higher fuel economy."

The Santa Fe fuel cell electric vehicle is set to undergo performance testing and evaluation by Hyundai.