Hydrogen-Electric Bus Enters Service in California

December 28, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

SunLine Transit Agency (Thousand Palms, CA) unveiled its new hydrogen-electric hybrid bus, the nation's first. The hybrid bus, which features an electric-drive system coupled with a H2-fueled Ford V-10 internal combustion engine, immediately went into revenue service following the unveiling.

The 40 ft bus runs on pure hydrogen generated by harnessing wind power. Officials at ISE Corp., a project partner, estimate that unwanted NOx and PM gases will decrease by nearly 99.9%. The new $600,000 bus is part of a nearly $1.1 million, US-Canadian sponsored initiative aimed at bringing cleaner-running alternative fueled technologies to public roadways.

SunLine officials are gearing up for its next major rollout, a 100% hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, scheduled for mid-2005.