Furukawa Electric To Expand Production Capacity For Ultra-Thin Heat Pipes

July 06, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Furukawa Electric announced that it plans to expand the production capacity for ultra-thin heat pipes thinner than 1 mm, by doubling the current capacity of 500 thousand pieces per month to 1 million pieces per month by the end of this year. The company has recently launched a heat sink that the company claims uses the world’s thinnest heat pipe 800 µm in thickness, to deal with the size and profile reductions in home information appliances. Use of this product is said to make it easier to design the cooling system of large-heat generating, low-profiled equipment.

This product has already been employed in Sony’s new VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC – the world’s lightest 8-inch notebook. By downsizing and performance enhancement of heat sinks such as this, the company intends to promote total thermal solutions, in which the thermal management problems in home information appliances are resolved comprehensively.

The ultra-thin heat pipe has a heat transport capacity of 5 to 10W despite its minimized thickness less than 1mm, which has been considered to be difficult. Heat sinks using this heat pipe are applicable to heat-dissipating components in ultra-compact, ultra-low profiled mobile equipment such as netbook PCs, so that it is said to be possible to achieve a higher level of heat dissipation than graphite sheets conventionally adopted.