Freebird and EPC partner on Rad-Hard GaN Power Conversion

April 13, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Freebird Semiconductor and Efficient Power Conversion Corp. (EPC) have entered into an agreement whereby Freebird will develop products for use in high reliability space and harsh environment applications based upon eGaN® power transistors and integrated circuits.

Dr. Simon Wainwright, President and CEO of Freebird Semiconductor Corporation stated that, “Freebird is focused upon developing components and circuits to be used in highly efficient, radiation hardened power conversion systems for use in harsh environment and space applications.” He further commented that, “GaN technology will permit space applications to utilize the latest in high performance semiconductor material, whereas when using silicon-based components in these applications produces systems that are behind the latest performance curves.”

“The superior conductivity and switching characteristics of GaN devices allow designers to greatly reduce system power losses, size, and weight. Given GaN’s superior state-of-the-art performance, coupled with its demonstrated ability to operate reliably under harsh environmental conditions and high radiation, GaN devices have a very bright future in space applications. We are excited to be supporting Freebird in the development of their GaN-based products,” noted Dr. Alex Lidow, EPC CEO and Co-founder.

In addition to collaborating on power systems product development, the two companies will be active in publishing the results of their work and giving joint presentations at professional conferences. It is important that GaN’s superior performance and design conditions be shared with the rest of the industry to further rapid adoption of this emerging technology.