Fairchild Web-Based Design and Simulation Tool Provides Complete Flyback Designs In Minutes

November 02, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor has launched Power Supply WebDesigner (PSW) – described as an easy to use, powerful online simulation tool that allows designers to throw the application note away and "Auto Design," optimize or "Advance Design" like a power supply expert.

PSW is an easy-to-use, powerful online design tool that provides:

– A complete flyback design including selection of the optimum Fairchild controller and MOSFET

– The steady-state and transient waveforms, as well as the loop-gain plot showing stability margins

– A complete bill of materials (BOM) and distributor parts order

– Simulation functionality that helps designers fine tune their design without building a bench prototype

From user-specified design inputs, the Power Supply WebDesigner tool allows designers to choose all the components used in a design including MOSFET, diodes, transformer, snubber circuit, output filter(s), ac input circuit, resistors and capacitors, or have the tool automatically recommend the design values – providing Fairchild part numbers where applicable. PSW can automatically recommend design values, or allows the user to evaluate their own component choices.

While using the tool, designers can accept default recommended values, or spend time optimizing the important details to their unique design needs. Designers can get quick, accurate estimates on design performance, and refine design choices as they go. The tool also allows them to spend the time to perform detailed analysis and learn the insights of how their design will work.

The tool simulates Bode plots, steady-state and transient wave forms. This allows designers to see how well the design performs so they can be confident their design will work the first time. The PSW tool can help designers respond to fast-turn requests on a power converter design without having to build a bench prototype.

When a design is complete, PSW creates a BOM which can be sent to their procurement department or instantly procure the components online, saving time on documentation or sourcing parts elsewhere. Additionally, they can save their design for future reference or pass the design on to other engineers.

Using the Power Supply WebDesigner tool provides the inexperienced designer a quick design, while the experienced designer can take their requirements and further customize their own design.