Fairchild Global Mobile Resource Center Provides Product Testing; Helps Designers Differentiate End-Product Applications

June 26, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

As mobile system design cycles shorten, being able to verify product success in a timely manner is a crucial step in the process. Designing and manufacturing products right the first time shortens time-to-market and can give the competitive edge needed to capture market share. To help mobile designers achieve design success Fairchild Semiconductor has created the Global Mobile Resource Center (GMRC), offering mobile technology designers access to Fairchild’s technical experts that are able to provide compliance testing resources and diversified technology solutions.

Located in Shanghai, China, the center provides a personalized customer experience, with advanced capabilities for mobile device testing. Mobile designers now have a valuable option for their early-stage product designs. The GMRC engineering staff will conduct rigorous real-time testing for the design challenges facing high-speed signal, analog/digital audio and video, RF wireless communication, mobile power management and other mobile applications.

"Working closely with our customers to develop practical solutions is central to everything we do at Fairchild," said Roger Luo, senior technical manager at Fairchild. "With an advanced testing facility and a staff of industry leading engineers, the GMRC gives our customers a competitive advantage."

Some of the testing offered by the Global Mobile Resource Center includes:

-- Compliance testing of USB 2.0/3.0, HDMI™/ MHL™, MIPI®, and TDR testing

-- Sequential logic analysis, ESD and mobile power measurement

-- Analog/digital audio and video signal testing

-- Emulator testing for mobile RF devices, basebands and IP data traffic flows, RF power and spectrum testing