Expansion of VisSim Tool Chain with Digital Power Designer Announced during 2012 Darnell Power Forum

September 18, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Visual Solutions Incorporated (VSI) announces the immediate availability of VisSim/Digital Power Designer, a new high level block set for simulation and auto code generation of Digital Power Supplies. VisSim/Digital Power Designer allows you to quickly create models of complete power systems with a wide selection of digital control schemes, analog power stages and loads. Building on the existing Embedded Controls Developer platform, VisSim/Digital Power Designer generates highly efficient embedded C code to realize the firmware for the control of Texas Instruments MCUs. VisSim/Digital Power Designer provides:

* Controllers (Multi-phase VMC, Peak CMC, Average CMC, Hysteretic CMC, PFC, PSFB, Zero-transition CMC)

* Filters (1st order, 2nd order, Moving Average, Moving Median)

* Measurements (Apparent Power, Crest Factor, Reactive Power, RMS, THD, etc.)

* Utility functions (Event counter, soft-start, window detector)

* Converters (Buck, Boost, Buck-boost, Sepic, Cuk, Zeta, Full-bridge, Half-bridge, Push-pull, Flyback, Forward, Rectifiers and Bridgeless PFC)

* Configurable analog power stage with user selectable resistance, capacitor bank and inductance

* Sensors (AC current transformer,isolated current Hall-effect, isolated voltage, resistive current sense, resistive divider (voltage sense)

* Loads (Constant-current, Constant-power, Load profiles, Inductive, nonlinear glitching, LED strings, Parallel connector)

* Compensators (PI, PID (traditional), PID (2p2z), Types I, II and III, 3p3z)

* Supports TI Piccolo, Delfino, Concerto and MSP430 targets with CCS V4&V5.

Learn more and download a trial here:

"Our goal at Visual Solutions is to help companies bring innovative and complex products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible," said Visual Solutions CEO, Peter Darnell. "Our new Digital Power Designer coupled with our deep support for TI on-chip peripherals makes it easier than ever for engineers to design complete embedded digital power solutions"

"I've been very impressed with the ease of use of VisSim and how well it generates code for our Piccolo line," said Brett Novak, C2000 Product Marketing at Texas Instruments. "This new VisSim Digital Power addon is super way for analog power designers to get up to speed fast with digital power solutions!"