ERP Power and Future Sign Global Distribution Agreement

June 07, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

ERP Power LLC (ERP) has signed a global distribution franchise agreement with Future Electronics. Future Electronics is globally integrated with lighting solutions expertise in 44 countries around the world to accelerate time to market and facilitate architectural, commercial and industrial lighting fixture development. This follows an announcement in March that ERP signed a distribution with Mouser.

“Future’s role in solid-state lighting applications is well known,” said Andy Williams, ERP executive vice president. “Future Electronics has the largest team of lighting experts in the industry with global supply chain capabilities, extensive customer relationships, and the Lighting System Creator design tool for engineers.”

“ERP Power is driving the intersection of power, light and data,” said Jamie Singerman, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide, of Future Lighting Solutions. “Together, Future Electronics and ERP Power go beyond traditional illumination with a premium quality portfolio of versatile, integrated and scalable solutions to power and connect smart lighting applications.”

ERP LED drivers deliver an industry-leading combination of programmable outputs, smart lighting controls, extensive dimmer compatibility, and the industry’s highest power density, at competitive cost. Surge protection devices and step-down transformers from ERP enable a variety of outdoor applications such as roadway lighting, parking areas, and sporting venues.

The Future Lighting Solutions website will contain data sheets, product training modules, videos, application notes, technical design resources, and engineering tools to help ensure the most efficient and effective integration of ERP drivers into an LED lighting fixture design. ERP LED drivers are targeted at architectural, commercial and industrial applications requiring 10W to 260W of power with dimming, programming and connectivity to the Internet of Lights. LED drivers are the natural place to embed intelligence for lighting controls, and integrate with a variety of sensors, to form the backbone for access to Internet of Things (IoT) applications.