Ericsson Launches Lead-Free DC Power Modules

November 18, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Ericsson Power Modules AB (Sweden) announced that it has launched lead-free power modules, including the PKD Series of power converters and the PKD Series of Power modules. With an eventual goal of achieving lead-free production for all products, the goals for the current year are that 80 percent of new products will use lead-free solder and be based on printed circuit boards where halogenated flame retardants have been eliminated. In addition, Ericsson has committed to remove beryllium oxide from all new products.

Commenting on the company's environmental management system, Ericsson Power Modules President, Håkan Österberg stated, "We are totally committed to supporting our customers’ lead-free processes and will drive this program forward without waiting for legislation to make any changes mandatory. The launch of the PKD lead-free dc/dc power module last year was just one step and we are now focused on expanding the availability of lead-free devices while ensuring that product reliability and performance is not compromised in any way."