Enova Teams with EDO on Hybrid Minesweeper

December 21, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Enova Systems Inc. (Torrance, CA), a developer and manufacturer of mobile and stationary electric, hybrid and fuel cell digital power management systems, announced that it has received an order from EDO Corp. (New York) for the development and fabrication of advanced power electronic components for EDO’s Unmanned Surface Mine Sweeping Vessel.

EDO was awarded a contract from the US Navy to demonstrate the feasibility of Unmanned Surface Vessel mine-warfare technology and the application of the technology for fleet integration. The $3.4 million award was issued by the Office of Naval Research.

Enova Systems will develop and fabricate a high-voltage dc/dc power-conversion system utilizing a Capstone microturbine as the primary power source for the minesweeper. The electronics package will include Enova’s advanced power components, including a new, enhanced 50V, 700A dc/dc power converter, the battery care unit and the hybrid control unit, which will power the minesweeper’s electromagnetic detection system. The Enova power management and conversion system will be used to provide on-board power to other accessories on the platform.