EnerSys Enhances Lithium-Based Capabilities With Expansion Of Design, Assembly & Sales Operations

June 28, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

EnerSys Inc.® states that it has enhanced its lithium-based capabilities with the launch of an EnerSys Advanced Systems (EAS) unit in Budapest, Hungary, in addition to an existing EAS unit located in Horsham, Pennsylvania., near Philadelphia. The company says these enhancements are in response to the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries.

The new EAS unit in Budapest, led by Dr. Laszlo Nagy, provides customers with additional resources for the design and assembly of advanced lithium-ion batteries. It also employs a team of engineers for customer assistance in lithium-based applications.

New lithium-based battery products for defense applications have been developed and launched at EAS in Horsham since its acquisition as the former ATK Power Sources Center. In addition, EnerSys’ joint venture with Modular Energy Devices Inc. develops small-format lithium-ion products for customers, including those in the telecommunications industry.

EnerSys previously established a marketing alliance with GAIA, a German unit of LTC Corp., to develop large-format lithium-ion products, primarily for defense and industrial applications.

"Our investment in lithium-ion technology demonstrates the commitment to meeting the ever growing, worldwide demand for small- and large-format lithium products," said EnerSys Chairman, President and CEO John Craig. "While this technology is more expensive than our existing nickel and lead-acid battery solutions, there are applications where the premium can be justified. We will continue to invest in advanced solutions to meet our customer’s needs. In the quickly changing environment for energy storage, we are convinced that there are good growth opportunities for lithium, nickel and advanced lead solutions. All of these technologies bring some unique performance characteristics valued by our customers in cost, power, energy, cycle life and ease of recycling, so we will keep investing."