Energy Conversion Systems Announces Executive Board

October 20, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Energy Conversion Systems LLC (ECS, Dunn, NC) announced that it has merged with Kane Magnetics LLC and that the combined business, operating as Energy Conversion Systems has been integrating its various companies to form a new, global organization focused on using its product and technical resources to serve its customers. ECS is a global business with 12 operating companies in eight countries and over 1,800 workers. To better coordinate the management of its global business and ensure it has focused its technical capabilities to best serve its customers, ECS announces the formation of an Executive Board of managers, which represent the eight senior members of its global management team charged with the execution of the company's business and the development of its new technologies.

Gary Riley was named President and CEO in February 2005. He previously served as COO of Magnequench Inc., and prior to that he was CEO of Xolox Corp. and Executive Chairman of Xolox Malaysia. Lyle Lohmeyer joined Kane Magnetics in April 2004 and became Chief Financial Officer of ECS in July 2005. Global Technical Director of Carbon Technology Shepard Hockaday, and Global Technical Director of Magnetic Products Suitbert Kessler were also named to the board. Global Vice President of European Operations Neil Thompson started with the Morgan Auto/Consumer Group (later ECS) in October 2002. Global Vice President of Asian Operations W.S. Yoon, Global Vice President of American Operations Ron Kingen, and Global Director of HR and Management Development Pat Reagan round out the board.