Endura Technologies and UNISOC Pen Power Management Partnership

November 29, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Endura Technologies (International) Ltd. a leader in power management and smart audio solutions disrupting the mobile, server, and IOT markets today announced a commercial partnership with UNISOC (formerly Spreadtrum Communications) to deliver power, performance, and area improvements in the 12nm and 7nm advanced process nodes.

This marks Endura's dedication and commitment to the China market having identified UNISOC to be the best partner to jointly pursue and increase competitiveness of China product manufacturers who adopt the improved and differentiated UNISOC products.

Endura and UNISOC have initiated their partnership by incorporating eTC™ into next generation chipsets and by jointly working with sVR™ to improve the performance and BOM costs of UNISOC products. Endura is proud to announce that latest high-end product offerings from UNISOC will include Endura's innovative power technologies.

Endura's eVR™, sVR™, and eTC™ solutions provide unprecedented reduction in bill of material and power usage, while also increasing performance. Endura's technology will provide UNISOC with a competitive advantage in the advanced FinFET nodes through superior performance and increased battery life in a compact solution.

UNISOC, a leader in the Asia market, looks forward to using Endura's technology as it enables higher maximum frequency with reduced supply voltage improving power and performance at the transistor level through sub-nanosecond supply transient control. Endura's comprehensive platform solutions from battery to on-chip power mesh reduces component size enabling compact distributed power optimization, giving UNISOC a competitive edge with high-tier smartphones and 5G customers.

Endura is proud to be partnered with UNISOC, such a large and substantial player in the market, and is committed to growing their product offerings to a broader market by offering them disruptive custom products.

"We are pleased to work with Endura as its innovative and customized solutions enhance the performance of various SoC platforms from UNISOC. Power management has always been a vital factor to evaluate chipset performance, and we are confident to say that through our cooperation with Endura, progress has been made on increasing the competitiveness of our products on the market," said Mr. John Rowland, SVP, UNISOC.

Endura's CEO, Dr. Taner Dosluoglu, was quoted saying, "We are very excited to start our operations in China and contribute to the success of much wider effort to increase global competitiveness of the China semiconductor industry. Together with UNISOC, we will introduce best-in-class power management solutions with differentiated power and performance benefits as well as provide area and cost advantages at the same time. This partnership will enhance our ability to disrupt the mobile electronics industry with a paradigm shift in performance versus area and cost."