eMotion Mobility to Build Georgia Plant

December 11, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

eMotion Mobility (Atlanta, GA) announced plans to build a production plant near Savannah early next year that would specialize in electric-powered vehicles. The company hopes the move will help reduce Atlanta's metro-traffic congestion. The vehicles, which run at speeds of up to 70mph, would be available for rental by late 2002.

eMotion Mobility is partnering with Micro Compact Car, a wholly owned DaimlerChrysler AG (Auburn Hills, MI) subsidiary. Micro Compact Car will build the cars in Hambach, France, then ship them to Hinesville.

eMotion Mobility plans to hire about 150 workers in Hinesville, who will retrofit the vehicles with an electric drive train. Site construction will begin January 2002, and 50 employees will be hired in April 2002. Production will begin September 1, 2002, and it is estimated that the plant will handle between 5,000 and 6,000 electric-powered vehicles by 2004.