Emerson Campaign to Focus on Energy Efficiency

March 12, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

For the first time in its history, Emerson is launching an advertising campaign on global business television. The new "Are You Ready?" campaign leverages the company's strategic planning strength, technology leadership and global position by focusing on four world trends: energy efficiency, the communications revolution, resources for the world, and business without borders.

"We believe the campaign captures the excitement of the businesses we are in, as Emerson and our customers today are addressing dramatic global challenges," said Emerson Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President David N. Farr.

From helping to process valuable oil reserves in the black sands of Northern Canada to harnessing the hydro power of the raging rivers of the Chilean Andes to supporting wireless network expansion in the South African grasslands, Emerson's television spots demonstrate the company's leadership in anticipating customers' technology needs and meeting them anywhere in the world.

"This campaign is important because it takes Emerson well above our traditional problem-solving messages into a realm of bigger issues with broader relevance and impact," said Emerson Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Katherine Button Bell.

In addition to the television spots, the campaign surrounds global decision makers via international business publications, major online business sites, and radio networks and programs; in-flight videos on three international airlines; and billboards and dioramas at 19 heavily traveled airports on five continents.

The commercials are being aired on CNBC in North America, Europe and Asia, including "MarketWatch Weekend," a national broadcast financial news program that airs weekly on 135 stations. It will also appear, translated to Mandarin, on Dragon TV, the business television medium of choice in China.