Emergency Lighting Backup Power Attracts Strategic Investment

July 09, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Graham Partners has acquired Myers Emergency Power Systems, LLC (Myers EPS), an affiliate of Myers Power Products, Inc. Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Myers EPS is a leading designer and manufacturer of emergency lighting power solutions.

Rob Newbold, Managing Principal at Graham Partners, states, "Graham's investment thesis for Myers EPS is premised on the company's ability to capitalize on the high growth of emergency lighting, driven by a confluence of technological advancements. We look forward to working alongside the Myers EPS team to enhance the company's capabilities, innovate new solutions, and better serve its customers."

Graham Partners' acquisition of Myers EPS is a prime example of a high potential, advanced manufacturing company benefiting from an industry conversion that was sourced by Graham on a proprietary basis through its Investment Theme Program.

Emergency lighting is required by the United States in commercial, industrial and public buildings including schools, offices, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, transportation venues, and many other buildings or facilities. Emergency lighting systems help facilitate egress and protect lives in the event of a power disruption.

Growth within the emergency lighting industry has been increasing, which is largely attributable to the advent of LED fixtures that require substantially less power and are relatively easy and inexpensive to install. Myers EPS has been benefiting from this growth, as its centralized and mini inverter backup power solutions are a leading source of backup power for this rapidly expanding installed base of emergency lighting fixtures.

As a central element of its investment strategy, Graham Partners proactively seeks to target and research rapidly growing advanced manufacturing industry niches. Once a niche has been vetted, Graham Partners identifies and contacts companies participating in the industry to explore opportunities for investment.

In this instance, Graham Partners explored the LED market for a number of years, ultimately deciding to focus on ancillary niches benefiting from growth in LED lighting, but with more attractive competitive dynamics and technological differentiation. Myers EPS fit these criteria and Graham was able to identify the company on a proprietary basis outside of a process.

Subsequently, during diligence, Graham uncovered and validated an additional conversion-driven source of demand for Myers' EPS products. The trend towards using more emergency lighting (driven by LED energy savings) is fueling a further conversion towards power inverters, at the expense of individual battery backup fixtures for greater cost savings.