Electric Fuel Begins Electric Bus Demonstrations

November 26, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Electric Fuel Corp. (New York) began testing of its full-sized electric bus in Las Vegas, NV, to showcase Electric Fuel's new bus to transit operators and industry representatives.

With a capacity for 40 seated and 37 standing passengers, Electric Fuel's 40ft bus utilizes a patented zinc-air fuel cell system that stores and produces sufficient energy to operate for a full day, even with air conditioning and a full passenger load.

"The zero-emissions bus we are demonstrating in Las Vegas promises to provide a better quality of life for people in urban environments today and for their children and their children's children in years to come," stated Yehuda Harats, president and CEO of Electric Fuel. "It offers cleaner and healthier air, eliminates the noise created by conventional city buses, and even promotes a sound energy policy by helping reduce our dependence on imported petroleum."