Electric Fuel Announces Completion of Milestone in Electric Bus Program

July 11, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Electric Fuel Corp. (New York, NY) announced that it has completed another milestone in the second phase of its zinc-air all-electric transit bus program. In a recently completed test drive, the bus traveled 97m under typical city-bus driving conditions, including stop and go, acceleration, and constant speed. The company believes this to be a world record.

Yoel Gilon, manager of the electric-vehicle program of Electric Fuel, commented, "This is another major step in the performance-testing of our Zinc-Air fuel cell technology, and we believe that we are well on the way to demonstrating the readiness of our technology for city bus operations."

Yehuda Harats, Electric Fuel's president and CEO, added, "This very encouraging test gives us continuing confidence that we will soon be able to offer industry and government a cost-effective, zero-emission solution for polluted central-city environments."