E/J Bloom Associates Offers Modern Power-Conversion Design Techniques Course

December 28, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

As part of their 20th anniversary celebration, e/j Bloom Associates Inc. (San Rafael, CA) is offering three new editions of its Modern Power-Conversion Design Techniques course for power electronics engineers in the US and Scotland.

The first segment of the five-day course is two days in length and concentrates on basic design and analysis principles of modern power-conversion circuits, including basic magnetics design fundamentals. Dan Mitchell, senior member of the IEEE Power Electronics Society and a recently retired advanced technology manager for the Collins Division of the Rockwell International Corp., is the instructor for this unit.

The second segment of the course, which lasts one day, deals with the design and development issues of power-magnetic components, including planar and integrated-magnetic approaches. This segment is taught by Ed Bloom, president of e/j Bloom Associates, a design specialist in the power-electronics field.

The last course segment lasts two days and covers practical design and analysis issues of high-frequency power magnetics, including eddy current losses and methods for reducing parasitic elements. This segment of the course is taught by Bruce Carstein, known in industry circles for his contributions to the practical design of modern power-conversion circuits and systems.

The course will be held from June 4 through 8 in Chicago, IL; from August 20 through 25 in Las Vegas, NV; and from November 26 through 30 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Those interested in taking the course in the US should contact e/j Bloom Associates via e-mail at [email protected], and those interested in the Scotland course should request information via e-mail at [email protected]