EHV by America Electric in Final Testing Stage

June 11, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

America Electric Automobile Co. Inc. (AEAC, San Diego, CA) has announced that the company's hybrid-powered automobile, designed for the company's joint venture in China, is now in final design-testing stage. The automobile is targeted for use in a number of China's major cities to assist in reducing pollution from gasoline-powered automobiles. The final steps of the First Phase of the development cycle will include extensive road testing and adjustments on final design and engineering.According to Edward Myers, chairman of the AEAC, the vehicle has the potential to satisfy the estimated Chinese requirement for up to 100,000 EVs that are needed to serve the public transportation market in China. The proposed immediate use of the present model will be to replace the gas-powered taxi cabs in Bejing. The automobile is designed to have a range of up to 250 miles per use cycle by combining the company's electric drive technology with a gasoline-powered on-board battery recharging system.AEAC's conversion of the automobile produced in China to a very low-emission vehicle has been divided into a three-phase development program. Phase one is the design of the conversion procedure, the production of one prototype and the road testing of that vehicle. This phase of the project is being carried out in the company's San Diego design and engineering center. Phase two will focus on the construction of two prototypes produced in China to serve as the final production models. The last phase will establish the production system for production by AEAC (ASIA), the company's joint venture in China.China has recognized the need for EVs and its government has made it a priority to reduce pollution in Beijing and other smog-engulfed cities by replacing gas-powered vehicles with low- and zero-emission modes of transportation. The government's five-year plan calls for 20 percent, or one in every five vehicles produced in China, to be an electric vehicle.