Donaldson, LANL Join on PEM Commercialization

April 28, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The Fuel Cell Contamination Control™ (FC3) division of Donaldson Company Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) announced a formal research partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratory to study the effect of ambient contaminants on the performance, life and durability of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells.

Sponsored in part by the US Department of Energy (Washington, DC), Donaldson is using the research findings of the two-year program in its ongoing development of fuel cell filtration solutions. Donaldson's filtration expertise will be used in the development of air filtration and acoustics mitigation systems that prolong fuel cell engine life. Filtration is a critical component in accelerating commercialization of a wide range of fuel-cell-powered products, including automobiles, cell phones, laptop computers and power generation products.