Distributed Energy Resources Council Forms

November 11, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Six member organizations have joined to create the newly formed Distributed Energy Resources Council of Hawaii (DERC Hawaii), representing distributed energy and smart grid technologies as the state works to achieve 100 percent renewable generation by 2045. The organization is the first association formed in the U.S. to exclusively represent behind-the-meter, distributed energy resources.

Member companies include E-Gear, a battery energy storage system provider; Enphase, the largest microinverter manufacturer in the world; Hawaii Energy Connection, a sustainable energy solution provider; Hygrid, an energy consulting firm; Stem, a leading intelligent energy storage and software provider; and Tabuchi, one of the world’s largest solar inverter manufacturers.

Distributed Energy Resources Council members’ behind-the-meter technologies and solutions are integral to the sustainable development of the electricity sector in Hawaii. With the formation of DERC Hawaii, member organizations aim to work with all stakeholders willing to collaboratively achieve common goals. The organization plans to actively participate in proceedings at the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission as well as monitor and engage in relevant legislative opportunities.

“We are pleased to see the formation of this collaboration platform for distributed energy technologies in Hawaii,” said Dawn Lippert, Director of the Energy Excelerator, a program of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research that funds seed-stage and growth-stage startups with compelling and immediate applications in Hawaii. “The utility landscape is changing and we need new technology companies at the table in order to help our utilities transform to a clean energy future. We hope DERC will work with policy makers, utilities and regulators to pave the way for new jobs, innovation and collaboration in Hawaii's energy sector.”