Delta Integrates Its Energy Management Solutions

November 05, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Group has integrated its highly efficient and reliable solutions to present at the 2012 China International Industry Fair (CIIF) held in Shanghai from November 6th-10th. The company is demonstrating products and technology that provide customized energy management services to customers "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow".

Delta Group is dedicated to serving Chinese markets under its own brand name. It has been planning and implementing integrated energy management services around the world since early last year including photovoltaic power generation and system integration services.

Delta is integrating its high-performance, high-reliability products and solutions, including industrial automation total solutions, data center and power system solutions, display and monitoring system solutions, smart building management system and more. Industrial Automation Total Solutions include industrial automation and factory energy-saving solutions. The newly launched ASDA-M smart servo series combines drive, control, and a tailor-made platform in one unit to bring a whole new experience to industrial users with compact, efficient, and user-friendly integration and control mechanisms for motion systems and robot arm applications.

Data Center and Power System Solutions offer services to create highly reliable and power-quality-issue-free power system solutions for manufacturing, buildings and data centers. Solutions include UPS systems with energy efficiency up to 96% for industrial applications, InfraSuite data center solutions with at least 25% of energy savings, 2.5MW wind power converter, and power quality solutions from Delta's advanced technologies.

Display and Monitoring System Solutions include Delta's intelligent Power Environment Monitoring System (iPEMS) that can display real-time analog/digital signal collection, networking data transmission, mass volume data storage, intelligent mega data mining and analysis, and super HD data visualization technologies, which are some of the products and services that are applied in high-end command and control centers for a variety of industries.

The Distributive Vision Control System (DVCS) provides distributed image processing, signal processing and display capacity, for screen walls used by command centers and control rooms in a variety of industries.

Building Energy Management System provides building owners with a full package of building energy management tools emphasizing the comfort and convenience of the building occupants. The solution carries out systemization, automation and intelligence for building management as well as enhanced efficiency of business operations, energy usage, and optimum building operations.