Delta Expands Portfolio of Utility, Commercial and Residential DER Solutions

September 11, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Delta is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of renewable power conversion and storage technologies for utility, commercial and residential scale applications through September 13 at Solar Power International (booth 2135) in Las Vegas.

Delta is launching several distributed energy resource (DER) products for the first time to the U.S. commercial and utility markets at the show, including the M125U, a grid-tied 1500V string PV inverter with an extremely high output power 125kW that features 20 DC inputs and string monitoring; and the ES30 three-phase energy storage system, an innovative solution that integrates a feature-rich power conditioning system.

The company is also displaying its new residential solutions for the first time, which include the M-series line of single-phase inverters, the E-series hybrid inverters, an all-in-one solar energy storage solution featuring its E7U hybrid inverter, and its EV charging technologies.

"Delta has one of the broadest solution lineups in the industry," said M.S. Huang, President of Delta Americas. "With our latest products, we're bringing complete, end-to-end solution options to all aspects of the solar market.

“Our leading technologies and innovative system design offer more flexibility and scalability for our customers. The M125U features industry-leading output power when compared to other PV string inverters on the market, and our ES30, is an innovative offering that integrates a PCS and ESS into one system,” concluded Huang.

Today, Delta also announced the utilization of its industry-leading 80kW three-phase string photovoltaic (PV) inverter technology to power a 16 megawatt (MW) DC rooftop solar project located in California. As one of the largest commercial rooftop solar systems in the world, this installation features 164 Delta 80kW 3-phase string PV inverters and includes nearly 50,000 solar panels over multiple buildings.

Delta's renewable energy solutions are trusted to power many of the world's major solar projects. A 75.4MW solar PV plant in Denmark features 1,508 units of Delta's 50kW PV inverters, showcasing the company's exceptional expertise in helping customers manage such massive projects. In Japan's Ako Energy Park, Delta built, designed, and operated its first proprietary 4.6MW solar plant, utilizing its energy storage system. Delta also incorporates its PV systems into its own green buildings, including its Americas Headquarters located in Fremont, California, which boasts a 616kW PV system that allows it to achieve net-zero energy.

Utility and Commercial Applications

M125U: 125kW 1500Vdc Three-Phase String Inverter - The M125U, a wall mounted grid-tied 1500V string PV inverter with extremely high output power 125kW, which features 20 DC inputs with string monitoring and integrated DC and AC switch. It is the newest addition to Delta's extensive line of three-phase transformerless PV inverters (80/60/42/36//28/24 kW), the world's most comprehensive PV inverter product portfolio.

Designed for large commercial and utility scale projects, the M125U 125kW PV solar inverter supports DC input voltage of 1500Vdc for ground mount applications. The M125U includes an integrated smart combiner box with string level current monitoring, AC and DC surge protection and disconnects, and arc fault circuit protection.

The string monitoring function precisely records real-time current value up to 20 strings. Utilizing an electrolytic capacitor free design and NEMA 4X protection, the M125U is extremely durable with operation up to 60°C/140°F.

Delta ES30

ES30: Scalable Module Design Commercial Energy Storage System - Delta's newest grid-tied 30kW energy storage system, the ES30, is an innovative solution that integrates feature-rich a power conditioning system for commercial and industrial applications. The flexible Delta ES30 Cabinet incorporates dual sourced lithium-ion battery modules and a Battery Management System (BMS).

Embedded a 30kW dual port power conditioning system (PCS), ES30 supports power flow from storage-to-grid and grid-to-storage. Multiple ES30 units can work in parallel to support higher power applications to fulfill large-scale storage demands.

Integrated with multiple operation modes, the Delta ES30 storage system fully supports commercial buildings and behind-the-meter applications to optimize energy usage and lower operational costs. Delta ES30's demand charge management features include peak shaving, time-of-use optimization via load shifting, renewables self-consumption optimization, and ancillary power services.

Scalable Outdoor Power Conditioning System and Energy Storage System - Delta's 480VAC/125kW PCS is a bi-directional conversion system that offers both energy management and power quality management capabilities. It can couple with Delta's new outdoor Energy Storage System (ESS) which supports two, four, and eight-hour energy storage.

The ESS paralleled cabinets have a scalable capacity up to 1.32MWh, making them an optimal solution for medium to large scale commercial and industrial deployments. The Delta ESS Cabinet incorporates both energy and power type lithium-ion battery modules, a Battery Management System (BMS), and an integrated thermal management HVAC system for not only outdoor, but a wide range of applications. The ESS enclosure is IP55 rated for dust and water protection.

Residential Applications

Delta is also showcasing its newly announced residential products, designed to empower homeowners to optimize the output of PV panels, generate energy savings, and reduce overall energy costs. These innovations include the M-series single-phase inverters for PV array-to-home power conversation and the E-series hybrid inverters with feature-rich power conditioning capabilities for power back-up applications.

Also on display will be Delta's all-in-one solution for power generation, consumption, and storage. The system, which incorporates a 7kW hybrid inverter E7U; an external battery cabinet equipped with a high capacity BX_6.0 6kWh lithium-ion battery; R4 smart monitor and control system; and power meter, enables homeowners to achieve grid independence and gain greater transparency into and control over their solar operations.

EV Charging Technologies

In addition to its solar offerings, Delta will have two EV charging solutions on display at the event. The 25kW DC Wallbox Quick EV Charger has a compact and slim design for easy installation with wall mount and stand options. It supports dual-standard charging (CHAdeMO and CCS), and is compatible with all current DC capable EVs on the market. The 25kW DC Wallbox can charge using a standalone mode or can be integrated in any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) network and backend systems.

The AC Mini EV Charger, available in 30A or 40A models, is suitable for residential and commercial applications. The network version offers Wi-Fi capability with embedded RFID reader for access control. AC Mini has a Type 3R rated enclosure for indoor and outdoor use and can deliver maximum power up to 9.6kW.