Defendants Claim SynQor Patents Have Been Determined Unpatentable; Plan Appeal

August 23, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Bel Fuse, Lineage Power, and Power-One announced their intent to appeal the judgment in the SynQor v. Artesyn patent infringement case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Artesyn Technologies, Inc., Astec America, Inc., Delta Electronics, Inc. and Delta Products Corporation, Murata Manufacturing Co., Murata Electronics North America, and Murata Power Solutions are expected to appeal the judgment as well. The Court in the Eastern District of Texas recently returned a final judgment in the SynQor v. Artesyn suit, which SynQor brought against the ac-dc and dc-dc power conversion industry.

In December of 2010, a jury found that certain products of the industry defendants directly and/or indirectly infringed five of SynQor’s patents; however, the defendants claim that all five patents are currently involved in reexamination proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to the defendant companies, in the reexaminations, all of the patent claims asserted at trial stand rejected by the USPTO as being unpatentable. The defendants state that they will continue to pursue all avenues of recourse in this matter.

As of press time, SynQor has not commented on the latest claims by Bel Fuse, Lineage, and Power-One.