DCH Technology Unveils Its New Enable Fuel Cell Subsidiary

March 20, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

DCH Technology Inc. (Valencia, CA) is formally unveiling their recently established, wholly owned subsidiary, Enable Fuel Cell Corp. (Middleton, WI), at the Hanover Fair in Germany, March 20-25, 2000. Enable Fuel Cell, led by Vice President and General Manager Stephanie Hoffman, is focused on the continued development and commercialization of fuel cell power products.

The portable unit on display in Hannover is called the Enable PFC (Personal Fuel Cell) and is currently being manufactured in pilot quantities for power-product, communications and control companies. The PFC unit, approximately the size of a beverage can and weighing less than 2lbs, provides 12W of electric power at 12V with the same simplicity of a battery, without the weight and environmental issues and limitations. According to Enable, it is also envisioned to be used as an effective recharging technology for batteries minimizing the inherent longevity and recharge issues associated with long-utilized battery technology.

"The industrial world is getting its first look at the technology that will soon provide clean, reliable, on-demand power with such user-applicability from the individual level on up," said David Haberman, chairman of DCH Technology. "The Enable Fuel Cell Corporation is aggressively ramping-up to be a leader in providing fuel cells to mass markets and today's applications."

Enable is also developing a larger active fuel cell, with increased output using a proprietary control system. A 5kW unit, known as the Enable AFC (Application Fuel Cell), will shortly be evaluated by strategic allies, public utilities and energy-services companies.