DC-DC Converters for IoT Designed to Handle µAmps

June 21, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

SiliconGate LDA a supplier of Power Management IP for ASIC/SoC, brought to the 54rd DAC its latest platform for IoT. The new platform keeps the previous simple integration and modularity adding extended performance and new building blocks. This new generation offers an improved dc-dc converter that extends high efficiency down to the µA range, boosting the much needed autonomy of IoT devices, making the use of the "LDO mode" obsolete.

Also, the newly introduced Backup Battery Module (BBM) can be added without any power penalty. The new generation is being presented simultaneously on TSMC40 and GF28, in both cases with 4.6V battery support, while most of the building blocks are also now available at TSMC16 for SoC usage.

"The incredible rate of introduction of new IoT chip generations, with improved performances, pushed us to excel, taking performance to new limits while keeping the modularity that allows each customer to differentiate their system”, said Floriberto Lima, CEO of SiliconGate. “This makes each system unique and allows our customers to be competitive for forthcoming generations of their chips.”

SiliconGate portfolio includes: Ultra-Fast Response DC-DC converter; Nano Power RTC and Oscillator; Very High PSRR General Purpose LDO; Low Noise LDO; Differential Feedback Capless Regulator; Temperature ADC; Monitor ADC; Low Power Crystal Oscillator; Low Power RC Oscillator and Ultra Low Noise Crystal Oscillator.

SiliconGate offers its cores in TSMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, UMC and SMIC, from 65 nm down to 12nm.