Data Center Energy Management Firm Launched

January 28, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

RLE Technologies, Inc. has launched a new division, Future Resource Engineering, that will systematically identify facility and operational inefficiencies in enterprise or embedded data centers and implement turnkey solutions to reduce power usage and increase the data center's bottom line. Future Resource Engineering administers a three step process to provide data center owner/operators with tangible power savings with no IT downtime or movement of equipment.

Their Efficiency Engineers perform: Facility Evaluations to determine energy and operational inefficiencies. This free service determines if an engagement with Future Resource Engineering can produce a significant enough ROI for the customer to justify moving forward. Efficiency Reporting, which includes a complete energy audit that measures facility metrics and quantifies precisely how much savings a customer can expect to see. Recommendations typically include: adjusting airflow management, implementing or upgrading equipment monitoring and controls, improving operational protocols, increasing cooling efficiency, and other best practices. During this phase, the Future Resource Engineering team also works closely with local utility companies to validate their findings and help determine potential energy reduction incentives.

Implementation of the suggestions outlined in the efficiency report. Future Resource Engineering is one of the few companies that can also execute on recommendations. This results in little disruption to the daily facility operations and no downtime. Additionally, the company is one of the few that will help clients reduce the financial risk of implementing the efficiency plan by utilizing utility incentives and vendor neutral solutions to offset project costs. The anticipated utility incentives can be deducted from the total project price up front, essentially transferring much of the risk from the customer to Future Resource Engineering if a project doesn’t meet expected efficiency goals.

Future Resource Engineering will be directed by Jeremy Swanner, a technology industry expert with 20 years of management experience focused on business growth and product development. He has assembled a seasoned team of Efficiency Engineers and Business Development Managers with more than 50 years of combined experience in the data center space.

“For all their benefits, data centers consume an incredible amount of energy: an estimated 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in just 2013,” said Jeremy Swanner, Executive Vice President of Future Resource Engineering. “Thanks to the numerous utility-approved incentive programs, there are many tangible motivations for data center owner/operators to make their facilities energy efficient. Beyond the important reduction in energy costs, creating a green data center benefits local communities and improves the environment for all of us. There really isn’t a downside and I am pleased that Future Resource Engineering can play an important role in this process.”