Chakratec Showcasing its Kinetic Power Booster at “The Battery Show”

September 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

With projects outgoing in Europe with leading energy and automotive companies such as SKODA AUTO and ENELX, and after going live together with WIEN ENERGIE at the Vienna International airport, Chakratec is now looking to expand to the growing US market and will exhibit at the Electric & Hybrid event in Novi, Michigan September 10-12 (Co-located with “The Battery Show”)

Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology, which enables unlimited high power charge and discharge cycles. Utilizing their proprietary Kinetic Power Booster technology, Chakratec’s Kinetic Power Booster facilitates the deployment of fast charging stations anywhere, including locations with a weak grid.

Chakratec’s multi-patented technology stores the electricity as kinetic energy in a fast-rotating flywheel. This technology presents two major advantages:

  • Unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles (more than 200,000) without degradation over the full system lifetime of 20 years
  • The non-chemical flywheel is a sustainable and reusable system, as opposed to toxic and polluting chemical batteries

As electrical vehicle sales rise, there is an urgent and intensifying need for cost-effective, sustainable, fast EV charging solutions.

Fast EV charging at locations with a weak grid are enabled with Chakratec‘s Kinetic Power Booster.

The company is looking for projects, partners and sales representatives.

You can meet Chakratec representatives at the Electric & Hybrid event in Novi, Michigan September 10-12 booth 749.

Chakratec is HIRING and looking for sales representatives in the US, UK and Germany.