CETECOM is Exclusive Lab for Qi Test Tool Certifications

February 12, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

CETECOM has been named the exclusive laboratory for validation of new Qi test tools so they meet the requirements for use during Wireless Power Consortuim's (WPC) Qi product certification procedures.

CETECOM has served as an official Qi Authorized Test Laboratory for the WPC for the certification testing of wireless power charging devices for mobile devices and transmitters for close to five years. Extending beyond this certification role, WPC selected CETECOM based on its vast experience in the validation business.

CETECOM‘s comprehensive service portfolio for wireless charging according to Qi global standards includes: Mandatory certification testing for charging stations according to WPC Qi specifications; Mandatory certification testing for receiver devices according to WPC Qi specifications; Conformity assessment for the CE marking (from June 2016 according to RE Directive); Tests according to FCC standards for the US market;

Research and development tests in accordance with customer requirements (e.g. under extreme climatic conditions and extreme voltage conditions); Tests during development; and Over-the-Air (OTA) Pre-Compliance Tests during Development including performance tests for testing the influence of the usage of a charging station with a cell phone.