CEA Announces New Wireless Power Standard

October 12, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® announced the publication of CEA-2042.1, Wireless Power Glossary of Terms. The standard, defined by CEA’s Wireless Power Subcommittee, addresses system components in order to facilitate widespread deployment of interoperable wireless power systems. It is the first of several planned standards designed to advance wireless charging technology, changing how consumers charge their devices.

Wireless power technology streamlines the process of charging portable consumer electronics devices by eliminating the need to physically connect the device and the charger.

"Wireless power has the potential to change dramatically the way people charge their portable electronics," said John Suh, Director of Hyundai Ventures/Hyundai Kia Technical Center America, Inc. and chair of CEA’s Wireless Power Subcommittee. "CEA is helping turn this potential into reality by making it easier for systems from different manufacturers to work well together. This standard is the first step in that effort."

CEA’s Wireless Power Subcommittee is also working on standards for highly resonant (also known as "loosely coupled") wireless power transfer, tightly coupled wireless power systems, and energy efficiency measurements for wireless power systems.