CamSemi Ships 10 Millionth Resonant Discontinuous Forward Converter Chip

October 22, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

CamSemi has announced the shipment of its 10 millionth C2470 RDFC controller chip, which the company states confirms that its approach for low cost, more energy-efficient power supplies is now being rapidly adopted by major manufacturers.

"CamSemi’s shipping of 10 million units is a strong endorsement for our first product family, our unique power supply topology and our overall approach. We have secured major wins from multiple manufacturers and their customers in some of the market’s fastest growing sectors such as network adapters and set-top boxes. Although initially most of the interest was from Greater China, we are now getting design-wins with major European and US brands and have started shipping into Japan," said John Miller, VP of Sales at CamSemi.

The company’s C2470 family of controllers and novel Resonant Discontinuous Forward Converter (RDFC) topology was launched in late 2007 to help manufacturers replace bulky embedded or external linear power supplies with low cost, energy-efficient alternatives. This approach is said to offer the performance of premium-priced switched-mode topologies but at the price of a linear or less. According to the company, previously manufacturers would have had no choice but to accept the cost penalty in using flyback SMPS designs in order to meet the Energy Star V2 regulations that come into force next month. Whereas with CamSemi’s new topology they can substitute linears in consumer applications rated up to 60W with solutions that are said to be lower cost, simpler and offering very low levels of EMI.

RDFC SMPS power supplies are said to have higher average energy efficiencies than those based on flyback topologies at the same power level. And even at higher power ratings, they are said to exceed Energy Star V2 and EU code of conduct V3 requirements with significant margins.