BTU and Boston University Join on Fuel Cell Program

November 16, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

BTU International Inc. (North Billerica, MA), a supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for advanced materials processing, semiconductor packaging and surface-mount assembly, announced the signing of a license and joint development agreement with Boston University focused on improving processes used to manufacture solid-oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The technology is applicable to both high-temperature and intermediate-temperature material systems. The development program will be conducted in Boston University's Manufacturing Engineering Department by Professor Uday Pal and Professor Srikanth Gopalan.

"The insight and knowledge regarding SOFC material systems to be contributed by Boston University is significant," said BTU International Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Paul van der Wansem. "Combining this with BTU's extensive experience in thermal processing applications will allow us to develop a unique and important body of knowledge that will be used for the cost-effective manufacturing of solid-oxide fuel cells."

"We chose to partner with BTU on this program because of their significant knowledge in thermal processing technology and integrated manufacturing systems," said Professor Pal. "BTU provides invaluable applications knowledge and real-world experience, which has been instrumental in the success of our program to date."