Bosch and Johnson Controls Partner on DC Microgrid

August 14, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Johnson Controls Distributed Energy Storage (DES) was recently invited by Bosch to provide battery storage for an innovative new electrical power distribution system. The Bosch Direct Current Building Scale Microgrid Platform (DCBMP) makes commercial and industrial facilities more efficient, reliable and resilient by intelligently connecting on-site renewable energy resources to municipal electrical loads.

The DCBMP grid, which was installed in an American Honda Motor Company distribution center in Chino, California, is the largest commercial building DC microgrid in the world. It incorporates the L2000 Containerized Distributed Energy Storage system, an advanced, versatile and flexible energy storage system from Johnson Controls that’s driven by intelligent and adaptive controls.

DES combines Johnson Controls’ expertise in both batteries and buildings to create advanced energy storage systems. With installations all over the world, it helps people use their buildings more efficiently every day.

The DCBMP system draws on solar energy to power the building lighting and to charge the Johnson Controls DES system. Any excess solar power is diverted to the municipal grid for credit. Whenever the grid goes down and loads are transferred to the DES system, the power remains steady.

Because the DCBMP uses DC power and has no need for power conversion devices, it’s also 10% more energy efficient than comparable AC systems. That’s enhanced by Johnson Controls DES, which is integrated into the larger system to optimize whole-building performance.

A recent demonstration of the DCBMP in Chino showcased the feasibility, resilience and energy efficiency of a commercial-scale DC building grid. Johnson Controls Distributed Energy Storage is proud to have participated in this project, which was funded by the California Energy Commission as part of the EPIC Program.