Better Energy Relocates From London to California

January 10, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Better Energy Systems Ltd. announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters from London, UK to Berkeley, California. The company's London office will remain open, transitioning to a sales, marketing, and service hub for its European operations.

According to Better Energy Systems Founder and CEO Christopher Hornor, the decision to headquarter the company in California has long been part of its strategic plan. "Our growth has been remarkable since we first launched Solio® in 2004", said Hornor. "However, in order to best leverage our key strategic development and marketing partnerships, we knew that having our base of operations in the U.S., and specifically in Northern California, would be crucial to our continued growth."

One of those key U.S. partners driving the relocation decision is Apple Computer Inc., of Cupertino, California. Apple enthusiastically embraced the Solio product line in 2005, featuring the product in all of its Apple Store® retail outlets worldwide. "Apple loves the fact that the Solio® charging system meshes so well with their phenomenally successful iPod music players and especially since it provides their customers with reliable, portable power that comes from a completely renewable source, the sun" added Christopher Hornor.

"Our business continues to expand steadily in Europe anchored by our successful relationship with Vodafone Group UK, interest from major European Telcos and major electronics retailers," said Hornor. "Our London staff will now be able to focus on sales and address the incredible interest Solio has continues to generate overseas."

One key relationship the company's London staff will manage is the co-branded Solio® and Quicksilver® product line. Quicksilver has placed the item in over 500 of its retail stores across the European Union through its Surfrider® and Quicksilver® outlets.

The Solio product itself is a portable, renewable power source that generates energy from sunlight and stores it within an integrated battery. It charges at the same rate as conventional wall chargers and stores power until it is needed by the user. No larger when stored than a small computer mouse, the Solio powers cell phones, i-Pod/MP3 players, digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDA's) and GPS devices.