BCC Issues Report on Metal-Air Fuel Cell Market

October 24, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Business Communications Company Inc. (BCC, New York) has just completed a company-commissioned independent report entitled "Market Potential for Metal-Air Fuel Cells." The BCC report states, "Because of the long shelf life, stability, safety, drain time, energy density, power and environmentally benign character of aluminum-air fuel cells, they are positioned to take a significant market position in the world of premium power sources."

The BCC report claims that it is anticipated that there will be 1.4 to 1.8 billion cellular telephones worldwide by 2006, using 1.8 to 2.16 billion batteries. BCC projects that metal-air fuel cells could take six percent of the projected $108.0 billion retail cellular telephone battery market. The BCC report further states, "camcorders and digital-camera batteries offer an especially attractive niche for metal-air fuel cells." Out of a projected base of 151 million camcorders worldwide by 2006, a $2.58 billion market, BCC predicts that metal-air fuel cells could expect to take 12 percent of the market. Laptop computers also offer an attractive projected market share. With a projected 240 million units in use worldwide by 2006, BCC predicts that metal-air fuel cells could expect to take four percent of this multi-billion dollar market segment.

A summary of the BCC Report is available at