Ballard Delivers First Prototypes of Fuel Cell for Residential Cogeneration

June 07, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Ballard Power Systems Corp. has delivered the first prototypes of its next generation fuel cell, the Mark 1030 V3, for the residential cogeneration market to Ebara Ballard Corp. (Ballard's Japan-based joint venture with the EBARA Corp.). The prototypes are for integration and testing in 1 kW residential cogeneration systems. Featuring increased reliability and lifetime, with significantly less weight and volume, the Mark 1030 V3 fuel cell has been designed in alignment with the 2008 Japanese government targets of 40,000 hours operation, equivalent to a system lifetime of 10 years in the home.

"Ballard remains focused on building a commercial fuel cell business by advancing our core fuel cell technologies and products, and by demonstrating growth in key markets such as Japan," said Noordin Nanji, Ballard's Chief Customer Officer. "Together with our key partners and customers, Ballard is firmly committed to the residential cogeneration market and meeting the needs, and budgets, of Japanese consumers."