Ballard Completes 10kW Prototype Stationary Fuel Cell Generator

August 02, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Ballard Power Systems (Canada) announced today that its subsidiary, Ballard Generation Systems, has completed the construction, and commenced in-house testing, of its 10kW natural-gas-fueled engineering prototype of a stationary fuel cell power generator. The 10kW unit is being designed for backup, light industrial and standby applications for telecom and other value-added applications.

"The completion of the 10kW natural-gas-fueled engineering prototype marks the achievement of one of the stationary power goals we set out for 2001," said Jim Kirsch, president of Ballard Generation Systems. "We feel there is significant market potential for standby fuel-cell-powered products in this size range. The completion of this engineering prototype is the first major milestone on the road to commercialization of this product family."