AVX Technology Used on International Space System

December 14, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

AVX Corp. (Myrtle Beach, SC) is supplying technology and components that power the international space station (ISS). Switch-mode power supply capacitors and SV Series radial-leaded capacitors are providing services such as power conversion and distribution and air conditioning and quality to the astronauts at work in the ISS.

“A significant level of effort on the part of our engineers and our customer's engineers went into designing components for specific mission-critical functions," said Joe McLarney, general manager of the AVX Olean, New York facility. He added, “Electrical power in space is key not only to life support but also to the quantity and quality of research that can be conducted on board. Obviously, the quality and reliability of the components used in the ISS is extremely important to the success of the mission."