Avnet Expands Distribution Agreement with SL Power Electronics

April 02, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas and SL Power Electronics Corp. announced that they have expanded their franchise agreement to include the Condor product line. Under the new franchise contract, Avnet will now distribute SL Power’s Condor brand power supply products, in addition to the array of Ault products already available from the company.

"Avnet Electronics Marketing has already been very successful selling the Condor range of internal, open-frame ac-dc and dc-dc switch-mode and linear power supplies. With the addition of the Ault brand of external power supplies, we have an ideal extension to our technical power supply solutions and will further increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of our line card for our power customers," said Pat Wastal, Senior Vice President for IP&E for Avnet Electronics Marketing.

"SL Power Electronics Corp. is the union of Condor DC Power, the recognized leader in the design of medical power supplies, and Ault, the leader in external power supplies. Avnet Electronics Marketing and Condor D.C. Power have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Going forward we are happy to announce that Avnet will be fully franchised to sell the Ault portfolio of power products," said Gregory Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SL Power Electronics. "Combining the engineering and product expertise of SL Power Electronics with the technical, modification and logistical expertise of Avnet enables us to offer flexible and high quality power solutions that are of real benefit to our end customers."